Practical Norwegian language courses online

The Norskling Norwegian Language School relies exclusively on up-to-date, streamlined methods of Norwegian language teaching developed through years of experience in teaching group and one-to-one courses for foreigners living or planning to move to Norway. 

We are passionate about languages and teaching – you won’t find standard formulas and lengthy grammar theory jumbles in our courses. We developed our teaching methodology and created original aids and materials focused on practical language learning. If you trust our knowledge and passion, you will learn Norwegian in a quick, easy and pleasant way.

We only teach you practical everyday language that you would use in conversations in the Norwegian language. We have divided our courses into several subject blocks. These include, among others, an intensive preparation course for state exams in Norway and a practical pre-job interview training programme. It prevents you from learning everything at once and allows you to practise and consolidate the knowledge you gain during classes.

You would be amazed at how quickly you go from zero to hero regarding Norwegian language proficiency!

Monika - CEO of Norskling AS


recommended level
A2 - C1
job interview 2499 kr
  • CV and cover letter review or writing them with you
  • 5 one-to-one meetings with a lecturer
  • preparation of answers to the most common questions at a job interview


citizenship 4999 kr
  • development of topics for the oral exam at the B1 level
  • honing your current skills to present yourself at your best during the exam
  • course duration – 5 weeks


norskprøve 4999 kr
  • focus on he areas that require improvement before approaching the exam
  • written assignments after each lesson
  • material chosen according to your needs


A1 - C1
individual 4999 kr
  • 10 one-to-one academic hours with a lecturer
  • you choose what you want to work on
  • we provide all the necessary materials and adjust them to you during our individual course

All individual courses include

Marika Latek
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I recommend Norskling AS! 😊 I am very satisfied with the course. The high level of teaching and friendly atmosphere during meetings make learning Norwegian a pleasure. Each participant takes an active part in the lessons. Meetings are conducted in such a way that even the most difficult issues become clear and understandable. The teacher conducts classes with full commitment and adjusts the pace to the participants' work. I recommend it! 😊👏
Suzanna Sadowska
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I heartily recommend the Norskling Norwegian Language School for people who really want to learn Norwegian. Full professionalism. Learning in a very interesting and modern way, e.g. Games, there is no boredom in class, time flies expressively and we talk a lot!! The involvement of the teacher Oliwia is a revelation! Everything is explained in a clear way so that everyone understands and learns as much as possible. I highly recommend it!
Milena Szewc
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I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Norwegian. Classes are conducted in an interesting way, they are not monotonous and boring. And as it turns out, you also learn through play, which the teachers willingly use during classes. I also have the pleasure that from the very beginning, i.e. level A 1.1, I am in the group with Olga as teacher and I must admit that there is probably no grammatical issue that Olga cannot explain. She is sensational! I highly recommend it ☺️
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